Day 1-Back in the Saddle

Got in a great workout today! Today, I completed Workout A, Phase 1 From Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training “15 Pounds of Muscle in 8 Weeks program.

This workout consists of Chest/Back supersets.  I did have to substitute Inverted Rows for Cable Rows but other than that I was able to perform the exercises as prescribed.

Honestly, Inverted Rows are one of my favorite exercises so I was happy to include them in the workout.  I just alternated between an overhand & underhand grip.

If you aren’t familiar with an Inverted Row, here’s how you do it:


Today I have been 100% compliant with my meal plan.  Years ago, I created a spreadsheet which allows me to design meals quickly & effectively.  I used it during my earlier training program & am relying on it heavily now.  As long as I eat the foods listed on my meal planner for the day I am going to make continual progress towards my fitness goals.

**After viewing my Day 1 Photos for this current contest, I must say I am rather disappointed in myself.  I will NOT be posting them anytime soon.  While they are not necessarily horrible, they are not nearly as good as my November 1 pics.  I have some work ahead of me if I intend to win this contest.

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