Day 2 – A New Exercise, A New Kind of Pain…

Today I completed Workout B, Phase 1 from Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training “15 Pounds of Muscle in 8 Weeks” program.  This workout was a Lower Body Dominant workout consisting of various squats, dead lifts, some ab work & a shoulder exercise rounded it out.

Very challenging, especially when keeping the prescribed rest periods honest.  I do this by using this timer:


I finish an exercise, rack the weights & hit the start button on the timer.  Next, I towel off, take a sip of my protein/carb drink & then get ready for the next lift.  I’ve looked at my workout log, mentally practiced a few reps & then I hear it…

BEEP X 5    

My timer begins a 5 seconds countdown.

At this point I am in position to begin my next exercise.  Once the beeping stops, my rest period is up & I attack the next lift.

Yes, I attack the next lift in my routine.  Don’t take that the wrong way.  I am careful to use proper form while executing a lift.  I also lift in a controlled manner with a weight load that I can safely press/row/squat/deadlift/etc.  It’s the sane way of going about things.  Not only that, why risk injury & cost myself a week or two in the weight room?

When I say attack, I mean just that.  I focus all of my attention & energy on executing the lift properly.  I visual my muscles growing as I lift the weights.  I push hard, sweat, cuss, yell, give myself mini-pep talks during my set & all kinds of stuff when I am in muscle building mode.  It becomes my entire focus & for that brief moment in time I shut out the rest of the world.

How else can I expect to build the body of my dreams?  Life gives you exactly what you put into it.

**Extraordinary results require extraordinary effort**

However, even the best of things can sometimes be a minor hinderance.  The intensity I bring to my lifting sessions sometimes gets the better of me.  As it did this evening.  This brings me to the topic of today’s post.

I learned a new exercise tonight.  The Stability Ball Jackknife.  If you are unfamiliar with this exercise, you can see an example below:

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 9.00.44 PM  Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 9.02.17 PM

(Photos courtesy of

It’s even more painful than it looks.  My abs burned tonight for the first time in a few months.  But you know what, it was a good kind of pain.

Those last few reps each set were hard.  But they were worth it.  Those are the money reps.  The difference between a good body & a phenomenal body.

Of course, I am going to be a bit sore tomorrow but it will be worth it.

Just like it was worth passing up the donuts at work today.  And sticking to my meal plan.  And all the other little sacrifices I am willing to make along the way.

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