Day 3 – A Day Off, Kind Of

Today was an off day from weight lifting.  Good thing, too.  I’m experiencing soreness I haven’t felt in awhile.  It’s a good thing so I’m not complaining.

However, after posting this entry, I will do about 10 minutes of steady paced cardio on the gazelle.  This is more an active lower body recovery to get blood flowing in the legs.  After this I will then do about 10-15 minutes of yoga, if not more.  The importance of stretching can’t be overstated.  Here’s some yoga poses you may wish to try yourself:

For the bad boy/girl:

star-wars-yoga-boba-fett star-wars-yoga-darth-vader

For those who tend not to walk on the darkside:

star-wars-yoga-droid star-wars-yoga-yoda

And well, if you don’t get this one, you obviously are not a male who grew up in the early 80’s because that’s a boyhood fantasy right there…



Time away from the gym also allowed me to work on my meal plans in more detail.  My goal is to gain as much muscle as possible over the next few months while minimizing fat gain.  I am basically working off the meal plans I used a few months back with some minor modifications.

Working in a little more carbs & scaling protein/fat back slightly for a period of time is the main difference.  I am, however, doing this gradually.   Attempting to increase my caloric intake by too much too quickly leads to a sluggish, bloated feeling.  Instead, I just add about 50-75 calories each day to the caloric total from the day before.  It has been much easier this way.

By the beginning of next week, I will have my caloric intake around 2750-3000 calories on lifting days & a bit less (say 250-350 tops) on an “off” day.

Keep in mind, this plan works for me.  My suppers are kind of a no-no because I am combining large amounts of fats with carbs. But I take a supplement, IC-5 from BioTrust, that, based on my research, mitigates the insulin spike/fat storage problem usually associated with eating high glycemic carbs with fats.

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 7.33.24 PM

Here’s my plan:

For breakfast, I have 1-2 Scoops Protein Powder, around 1 C Oatmeal  & 1 Piece/Serving of Fruit & some Cinnamon.   Sometimes instead of making the oatmeal in the microwave, I make it into a smoothie.  The oatmeal makes it a bit chunky but I just ignore it & down it.

At around 9:45, I take 2 IC-5 capsules.

At around 10, I have a serving of cashews/almonds/walnuts (1 of the 3) with an apple.  A serving, for my purposes, is a tight handful.  I also like to add an ounce or 2 of cheddar cheese into the mix.  Cheddar isn’t necessarily the best option but I like it, I need the calories & that’s that.

Keep in mind I have been sipping on water or tea with lemon during the early part of the day & will continue to do so the rest of the day.  I really don’t drink much water with my meals.

At lunch I eat a protein & a couple pieces of fruit & a salad.  Protein is a 4-6 oz. lean cut of meat (chicken, turkey, pork loin chop, etc.). My carbs are the fruit.  I always have a large romaine lettuce salad with olive oil/red wine vinegar dressing.

I eat like this pretty much 7 days a week regardless of whether I workout or not.

Here’s where things differ….

On a workout day, I have a during workout & a post workout carb/protein powder drink.  It sounds kinda nasty but it tastes awesome; vanilla & orange!!!!!  Like an orange dreamsicle.

15 Minutes prior to supper, I take 2 IC-5.

For supper on workout days, I eat BIG.  Usually an 8-12 oz. serving of meat, a few whole eggs (sometimes none, just depends), 5-10 fish oil pills, green veggies & a starchy carb double portion (score)!

On a non-workout day, I have a little less carbs at supper but keep the protein & fat somewhat higher, always taking 5-10g fish oil pills.  When I worked with Roman, he told me to do it so I still do.  It doesn’t seem to be hurting me.

That’s really it.

Considering I take in “processed” food with the amount of protein powder I consume, my goal is to have as many whole, non-processed foods for the rest of my calories as possible.  Your body is built to run on them, they are easier to digest & the nutritional value of whole foods can’t be beat.  If it comes in a box, I’m not interested in eating it because it isn’t food.  It is something that was engineered in a lab & it wreaks havoc on the digestive system!

The nice thing about this method is that for a fat burning phase, I can use the same concepts but modify them slightly.  A little smaller portion at each meal, less starchy carbs, more green veggies & more cardio.

Speaking of green veggies, get as many of them in you as you can, ESPECIALLY during a fat burning phase.  They help you feel fuller, longer & they are “free”.  Yep.  Don’t worry one bit about the calories in a green veggie.  They are so beneficial to your health; you can never get enough.

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