Day 5 – Who’s Your Coach?

An off day from the gym.  Although not a lifting day, I will still do a bit of light cardio & yoga this evening.

I will also begin working on mapping out the upcoming week.  By Sunday morning, I will have done the following:

  1. Week #2 meal plans will be completed
  2. Grocery list will be completed
  3. Workout logs (already printed) will be in the weight room
  4. Weigh-in & body fat measurements will occur first thing Sunday morning
  5. Progress Updates posted at Transformation Contest website
  6. Daily blog posting

“Success mapping” is what I call the above exercise.  You wouldn’t take a trip across the country without a plan & a map would you?  How then do you expect to build the body of your dreams if you don’t plan it out & then chart your course?

More importantly, how can you truly build the body of your dreams if you don’t have a coach/mentor to take you by the hand & lead you to the Promised Land?

When I completed my first body transformation, I worked with a coach.  I mentioned this in a previous post but I would like to go back & revisit the topic for a moment.

This is the photo my coach is best known for:


 (Photo Courtesy of

Yep, he’s put together quite nicely.  And no, I don’t look like that (yet).

The picture of Roman told me something about him.  Not only could he talk the talk, he walked the walk.  When the opportunity presented itself, I applied for & was accepted as a coaching client.  It has been one of the best investments in myself that I have ever made.

Working one-on-one with Roman was an awesome experience.

After my initial assessment, the ball started rolling.  Each month I received a custom set of workouts & meal plans.  Keep in mind, Roman is based out of New York City & I live in Central Illinois.  We communicated via the internet but for the most part I was on my own when it came to working out & preparing meals.  For the next 6 months I followed my coaching program & put everything I had into it.

Once my 6 month program wrapped up, I looked & felt better than I had in what seemed life forever.

Front View April 2012-Nov2012


Hey, that’s me! 

Then something strange happened.  I slacked off.  6 days a week in the weight room turned into 3-4 days a week, if that.  I began to make poor food choices more often.  My abs started disappearing around Thanksgiving.  Panic began to set in.  6 months of hard work & dedication was eroding away right before my eyes.

So I kicked it back in gear at the beginning of December.  I picked my favorite workouts from my coaching program, dusted off my meal plans & got serious again (kinda).

But something was missing….  

For awhile I couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  Where was the intensity?  Then one day it hit me.  I was no longer accountable to anyone other than myself.

See, when I worked with Roman, I had to send him a progress update every 2 weeks.  I desired nothing more than to make my coach proud. So I had no other option but to put forth my best effort each day.  Plus I was paying a monthly fee for the training so I figured I had better get my money’s worth!

But now, I was no longer required to send progress updates to anyone. I needed a new coach.  If not a new coach, at least something where I had to be accountable.

As fate would have it, my prayer was answered the same day.  I received an email from Craig Ballantyne announcing an upcoming transformation contest.

Meet Craig.


(Photo Courtesy of

Sure looks like he knows what he is doing.  I’ve read his stuff for the last year or 2 & have found him to be a very knowledgable.

When I received the email, I immediately got to work on preparing for the 90 day contest period.  My intention was to take a day or two everything ready (workout logs, meal plans, pictures, etc.) & then enter the contest.

So, I purchased/downloaded one of Craig’s programs.  Truth be told, I didn’t even have to buy a program.  He gives away a bunch of free workouts at his website & has TONS of videos on YouTube.  Plus, the contest was FREE to enter.

But, it has been my experience that if I have paid for something, I value it a bit more.  Plus, the program I selected addressed my desire to gain as much muscle possible in a short period of time so I believed it to be a worthwhile investment.

I got to work on my meal plans & within a day I had a weeks worth entered into my meal planner spreadsheet & printed off.  The grocery list was written out & off to the store I went.

So now I am entered into a body transformation contest with a $15,000 top prize.  This gives me a higher purpose than just “getting into shape”.

Although I am not working with Craig in a one-on-one capacity, in essence I now have a new coach.  I am using his program & asking him questions on Facebook regarding the program.  I am being lead back up the mountain by Craig.

I have also created this blog & told everyone I know about it.  Now I have many sets of eyes upon me.  I’ve publicly declared my goal & now it’s time to put up or shut up.  I now have others to hold me accountable.

So I ask you, Who’s Your Coach?  Who are you listening to on a daily basis?  More importantly, where will the advice they are offering ultimately take you?

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