Day 6 – Moving Day

This morning, I completed Workout D, Phase 1 from Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training “15 Pounds of Muscle in 8 Weeks” program.  This workout was a bit different from the previous 3 workouts from Phase 1.

Today started off with Dumbbell Goblet Squats:

Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 2.35.20 PM

It’s a good lower body exercise that also engages the core & arms quite nicely.  It’s also a nice break from heavy barbell squats.

Upon completion of the required number of sets/reps of squats, I then moved onto a series of Bodyweight Exercises.  The bodyweight portion of the workout consisted of 5 exercises, each done in consecutive order with as little rest as possible between each exercise.  Upon completion of one circuit, I rested for 30 seconds & then repeated the circuit again.  I ended up doing 3 circuits total.

Although I was able to complete the entire workout in under 30 minutes, I was definitely spent when it was all over!

Then came the real fun…..

I have been using a spare bedroom as a weight room since last April.  It’s where I completed my prior body transformation so it has served its purpose well.

But it isn’t really that big of a room.  With all of my equipment in there, it feels very tight.  The ceiling fan hangs a bit low & makes overhead pressing difficult if in the center of the room.  Plus, the doorway is unable to support my pull-up bar. I had to install it above a door way on the first floor (we have a 2 story house).  I really enjoy the privacy from working out at home but the close quarters were getting to be a bit much.

It’s even smaller than it looks….


Trust me, it’s a tight fit.

What was I going to do???

Thanks to an idea my wife had, I was able to gain more room for working out. No more feeling squeezed.  I would no longer have to climb the steps a bunch of times while supersetting pull-ups/chin-ups with other exercises.  Fantastic!

But there’s a catch….

Everything upstairs had to be moved down to the room we currently use as a computer room.  Then everything from the computer room would have to be moved up to the spare bedroom.


Here’s what we moved downstairs this morning (keep in mind I had already worked out earlier):

  • Weights Plates (315 pounds worth)
  • Weight Bench
  • Bar (35 pounds)
  • Squat Stands (2 & each weighs a decent amount)
  • Adjustable Dumbbells (3 @ 52.5 pounds each) & Stand
  • Gazelle glider
  • Various other smaller items (yoga mats, stability ball, etc.)

Here’s a couple of pics of the new set up:



While it is difficult to get a real feel for how much more room I now have, trust me, the difference is huge!  I now have at least twice as much room as before.  With the additional room, I know I am going to have no problem packing on muscle over the next 84 days! (or for as long as we live here for that matter)

Today’s workout track listing:

  • Flesh For Fantasy – Megaherz
  • Du Oder Ich – Megaherz
  • Showdown – Megaherz
  • Kopfschuss – Megaherz
  • Meine Sunde – Megaherz
  • Leider – Eisbrecher
  • Kann Denn Liebe Sunde Sein? – Eisbrecher

All German metal today.  In case you wondered, Ich spreche kein Deutsch.  But, I really like the way this stuff sounds & it helps me feel pumped up.

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