Day 7 – Reflection, Readiness & Rest

Week #1 of my current body transformation wraps up today.  Weighed in this morning & realized I was able to shed 1% body fat in the last week!  Not only that, I was able to add nearly 1/2 pound of muscle in the process.  This was to be expected as I slowly increased my caloric intake the past week as well as pushed hard in the weight room.

As I look back over the past week, I feel empowered.  Made it to the weight room the 4 days my program requires.  Blended in a little active recovery cardio & yoga for good measure on “off” days.  Adhered to my meal plans 98% of the time.  I hit the peanut butter jar for 2 spoonfuls the other night.  I was also able to assist a few friends with some fitness related questions this week.  Blogged everyday about my program.  This has been a productive week!

My intention for this coming week is to increase my calories a bit more on lifting days while keeping them at a moderate/high level on non-lifting days. I also intend to up my intensity in the weight room.  I will accomplish this by either increasing weight loads or decreasing rest periods.  I’m always looking to increase the intensity from the previous workout.

Meal plans are ready for the next few days so I will be prepping some meals today in advance.  Workout logs are printed out & ready to go.

Now that I have taken a look at the past week & have prepared for the upcoming week, it is time to rest & enjoy Sunday.  Kickoff is less than an hour away, be back on Monday!

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