Day 10 – A Much Needed Day Off

Today is a scheduled off day from the gym.  Similar to last week, I will do some yoga & possibly some light cardio on the gazelle later this evening.

The yoga is crucial in terms of maintaining flexibility & relieving soreness.  After working out on Monday & Tuesday, I am experiencing some soreness in various areas.  Yoga will help me get rid of much of this soreness.  Especially in the core & hamstrings, which are really sore today.

I tend to perform an asana sequence, specifically Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation).  This is a rather “basic” series of yoga poses yet it is challenging.



(Photo Courtesy of:

When I first began practicing yoga a year or so ago, I had little flexibility.  Touching my toes was a chore.  Now, I am able to place both hands, palms down on the floor.  No more tight hamstrings for me!  This is very helpful when it comes to stiff-legged deadlifts & other lower body exercises.

My balance was also not the greatest when I first began practicing yoga.  Now, I am able to pull off poses such as Tree:



(Photo Courtesy of

Even on my lifting days, I still do a bit of yoga immediately after my workout (focusing more on the areas worked that day) & a bit prior to going to bed.

While I still have a ways to go before considering myself to be at an advanced level, I am getting closer with each session.  Each day I am able to go a little deeper into a stretch, hold a pose for a longer amount of time, maintain my breathing pattern more easily & other subtle little things.

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