Day 18 – Not 100% Yet

Today I took the day off from the weight room in order to get my legs back under me after dealing with some flu symptoms the past couple of days.  Thankfully, I am feeling a bit better today.  But I’m not quite 100% & hitting the weights tonight wouldn’t be very productive.

I’m better off getting some additional rest as well as more fluids before training again.  My plan is to be able to get in a good lifting session on both Friday & Saturday.  This will put me back on schedule for Week 4 of my program starting Monday.

Rather than let this deter me from reaching my fitness goal(s), I am working around the obstacle in my path.  Sure, my weigh-in this Sunday may be a little less than optimal.  There’s a chance I won’t have gained as much muscle this week as I would have liked.  I didn’t have a great appetite so I ate less than normal a couple of days, I shortened a workout & have slept a lot.  It happens.

But it isn’t as if my hard work up to this point was in vain.  This is a minor setback but nothing that can’t be overcome.  The main thing is to be smart when training around an illness.

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