Day 23 – What a Difference a Week Makes!

Today, I completed Workout B, Phase 1 from Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training “15 Pounds of Muscle in 8 Weeks” program.

Last week, I was dealing with the flu & it had sapped most of my energy. When I attempted this workout, I was not very successful.  I ended up only doing about half the exercises & even then I didn’t really have much in the tank.  I probably would have been better off just skipping the workout entirely last week.

Thankfully I was able to complete the entire lifting portion of the workout today.  No cutting out exercises & skipping sets this session.  Not only was I able to complete the entire workout, I increased the weight load on Barbell Front Squats and Barbell Deadlifts.  Progress, progress, progress!

I have made one slight modification to the workout, however.  I did not perform the ab portion of the workout directly after the lifting portion.  I have a “special” ab workout that I do most nights prior to going to bed.  It is the same workout I used while working with Roman & it helped me develop decent abs.

For the most part, my ab workout consists primarily of Planks.  

I do various forms of planks & hold each one for varying amounts of time.  Some of the planks I currently perform are Push Up Position Plank, Side Plank, Plank with feet on bench & a few others.  I very rarely, if ever, do crunches, sit-ups or any other ab/core exercises that require me to lie flat on my back.  Why risk a back injury due to poor form?

While some people may think that planks aren’t worth the time, I would disagree.  As shown below, a standard plank is quite a muscle builder:

(Photo courtesy of

(Photo courtesy of

Shoulders, Chest, Core & Thighs are getting worked in this exercise!  While all planks work the core, each variation works other muscle groups as well.

If you’re looking for great abs, the Plank should be a part of your routine.  However, no amount of planks will make up for a crappy diet.  You can plank your way to strong core but if it is covered with fat, no one will ever see it.  Remember, abs are made in the kitchen & honed in the gym.

Today’s workout track listing:

  • Straight to Your Face – Hatebreed
  • Fear – Heaven & Hell
  • The Pot – Tool
  • Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See – Busta Rhymes
  • Long Time – Black Label Society
  • Greed – Godsmack
  • Flamenco Diablo – Yngwie J. Malmsteen
  • Where The Hood At – DMX
  • Fear – Disturbed

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