Day 24 – Success Leaves Clues, So Does Failure

Today is a scheduled off day from the weight room.  I do plan to complete my pre-bed ab circuit this evening.

I did get in a light cardio workout today.  I spent a portion of my morning break & lunch walking the back & main stairwells at work.  While it may only be 4 flights, there are a decent number of stairs.  The other thing to keep in mind is that I work in a somewhat tall building by local standards:



(IDNR Headquarters, Springfield, IL)


So, I got in some recovery from yesterday’s lower body workout.  And I burned off a little bit of fat in the process.  It was a cold, rainy/snowy day today so staying inside & walking the stairwells was an easy choice.  I’m not sure how many stairs I actually climbed or how many steps I took.  All I know is it felt good to get up and move for a half hour today.

When I first began working in the building in 2008, I could barely make it up 2 flights of stairs without getting winded & shin splints.  Now I am to traverse the 4 full flights much easier.

The nice thing about walking the stairwells is that there is very little traffic.  

Since the first of the year, there has been an uptick in the number of hallway break walkers during breaks & lunch hours. I say good for each and every one of them that are making an effort to get into better shape.  They’ve identified a pressing need to “get healthy” & are taking positive action towards achieving their goal.  How can you not applaud their efforts?

However, in a month or 2, the numbers walking the halls will dwindle a bit.  Many will quit walking the halls for whatever reason.  It’s a shame that they don’t just stick with it, add in some resistance training a few times a week & clean up their diet.  They would see results if only they would keep pressing on in an intelligent manner.

Some of the decreased hallway traffic will be attributed to better weather.  As spring approaches, many will begin walking the grounds at work:



(There is another pond & a large number of concrete paths on the other side of the building.  The scenery makes for a great morning or afternoon walk.)

Among the new faces I see walking the halls, there are many familiar faces.  These are the same people I see walking the halls/trails every work day.  Their determination is commendable.  However, when I observe their actions & their subsequent results, I question their approach.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone nor is this a condemnation.  I am a firm believer in taking any steps, however large or small towards better health.

But, these guys & gals look the same as they did nearly 5 years ago when I started working there.  After 5 years of consistent effort & little visible results, wouldn’t it be wise to seek out a different approach?

Success Leaves Clues

At one point, my approach to fitness wasn’t working.  I was huffing & puffing while walking those stairs & trails.  I was fat & weak.  I HAD to make a change.

So what did I do?  I sought out people who had been in my situation.  I read their materials.  I interacted with them on social media sites & got answers to fitness questions.  I took massive amounts of decisive, positive action.  I made some gains, had some set backs but I was on my way.

Then I hooked up with an online coach & got “cut”.  Unfortunately, I also got it in my head that the hard work was over & I could coast a bit.  I stopped doing the things I had done to get into shape.  I got a bit soft in the core & lost a little bit of muscle.

Success Leaves Clues, So Does Failure

I was successful in changing my body because I had followed a plan.  When I failed to follow my plan, I quickly lost my gains.

Now that I am nearly 4 weeks into this 90 day contest, I am doing the same things I did previously.  My prior success left me enough clues on how to get where I desired.  All I had to do was put the clues to use.

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