Day 31 – How Can Failure Be Success?

Today is an off day from the weight room.  I will get in some yoga & ab/core work this evening but other than that I’m using today as a recovery day.  My legs were a bit sore after squats & deadlifts yesterday so the recovery time is necessary.

I do have a concept that I would like to touch on briefly today:

Failure and success are in essence the same thing.

Huh?  How can that be??

Failure & success just lie on opposite ends of the spectrum know as achievement–just as hot & cold are on the opposite ends of the spectrum known as temperature.

Basically, failure & success are a metric used to measure our current ability to complete a task.

Is failure a bad thing?  Not necessarily.

“Failure” is a success in that you learned a valuable lesson from the experience.  The intended outcome may not have been realized in that particular instance but it doesn’t mean it was a waste of time.  If anything, it was a valuable use of time because you are now one step closer to a “success”.

How do you intend to grow if you never “fail”?  Some of my greatest failures have been the catalyst of some of my greatest successes.

Fear not “failure”, for it shows you the error in your way of thinking & offers you a chance to correct your thoughts.  These corrective thoughts lead to corrective actions which ultimately lead to the realization of your desired goal.

Embrace “failure”, learn from it & go forth with a renewed vigor & determination.

Here’s a tip- If you desire to be a success, speed up your rate of failure.

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