Day 32 – You Once Owned Me, I Now Own You

Today, I completed a slightly modified version of Workout C, Phase 2 from Craig Ballantyne’s “15 Pounds of Muscle in 8 Weeks” program.  This is an Upper Body dominant workout.  Each major muscle group gets some attention in this particular workout.

Normally, I like to keep a workout as true to the original format as possible.  Of course, equipment limitations may require an exercise be substituted in/out but other than that I prefer to keep things as the program author intended them.  I very rarely, if ever, modify exercise sequencing & rep/set parameters.  I like to keep the “spirit” of the workout as true as possible.

But in some instances, I give myself the right to put my own twist on things.  Tonight was one of those nights.  I know my body better than anyone else so I believe it is perfectly acceptable to work within my own abilities & limitations.  That isn’t to say that I know more about fitness than most people.  I don’t.  But, I do know myself better than anyone else & that is important.

As I mentioned above, I made a slight modification to the workout today.  Even though I have the necessary equipment, I used a substitute exercise for Shoulder Presses.  I plugged in my favorite shoulder exercise, the Lumberjack Press:

(Photo Courtesy of

(Photo Courtesy of

I have discussed this exercise in a prior post so I won’t go into many specifics about form, etc. in this post.  However, I would like to discuss why I decided to insert this exercise in today’s workout.

In the previous blog post where I discussed the LJ Press, I revealed that it took me awhile to properly master the form while using a barbell.  The LJ Press owned me in the weight room.  It was made abundantly clear to me that my shoulders were weak at the time.  I made it a personal goal of mine to eventually own the LJ Press.  Hence its insertion into today’s workout.

Over time I have gained strength & have better mastered the LJ Press.  This exercise no longer owns me.  I own it.  Sure, I have a limit to how much weight I can lift but that isn’t the point.  The point is that an exercise that once left me feeling weak & depressed now leaves me feeling strong & empowered.

I am very glad I made the decision to insert the LJ Press into the workout!  My shoulders were on fire & I know they got worked.  I also know they will be growing larger & more muscular as a result.  Measurable progress.  YES!

I also worked with a “new” exercise today as well.  “New” in the sense that I have not worked with this exercise for months.  The Dumbbell Hammer Curl:

(Photo courtesy of

(Photo courtesy of

If you typically do regular curls, why not give DB Hammer Curls a try next time in weight room?  They aren’t difficult to learn & they will add some variety to your routine.

Today’s Workout Track Listing:

  • I Alone – Live
  • Why Go – Pearl Jam
  • She’s Crafty – The Beastie Boys
  • Hocus Pocus – Gary Hoey
  • Neighbor – Ugly Kid Joe
  • Suck It Up – (Hed) P.E.
  • The Song Remains The Same – Led Zeppelin
  • The Zoo – Scorpions
  • Aenema – Tool

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