Day 33 – Your Inner Voice

Today is an off day from the weight room.  I will still get in some yoga & ab/core work this evening.

So rather than discuss weight training or meal plans, I thought I would share an old Facebook status update with everyone.

“What do you say when you talk to yourself?

By talk to yourself I mean the voice you hear inside when you think about something.

Do you use positive, uplifting words that reinforce the good that resides in you and the others around you?

Or is your self-talk negative, judgmental, degrading & the like? If so, would you allow anyone else to talk to you in the same manner in which you talk to yourself? Most likely not. Why then do you allow yourself to abuse yourself?

The voice you most trust & believe is your own. Use is to program your mind and become that which you desire to be most. You have the power, exercise it.” – Jason Golden

Your thoughts determine your words.  You speak your world into existence.  In essence, your inner monologue becomes your outer reality.

Don’t think this is true?

How often has something happened to you & the first words out of your mouth were “I knew that was going to happen!”.  How did you know?  Most likely because you first thought about it happening & then you verbalized your thoughts.

Thoughts are things. Very powerful things at that.  Be mindful of your mind.  It can lead you to great heights or bring you down.  It’s your choice.

So I ask you, what do you say when you talk to yourself?  



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