Day 35 – Time For A Change

Today is an off day from the weight room.  As with each “off” day, I will get in some yoga & possibly some ab/core work.

My weekly weigh-in was a success from the standpoint that I shed about a 1/4 pound of body fat in the last week.  This is a good thing.  I’m not complaining one bit.

However, I did not gain any additional muscle this week.  My muscle gains seem to have slowed a bit over the past 7-14 days.  This has me puzzled considering I’ve increased my caloric intake over this timeframe.  Further confusing me is the fact that I appear to be more muscular when I look in the mirror.

I went back over my food journal for the last few weeks & nothing really stood out as odd.  I didn’t miss any meals.  I was pretty much spot on with my recommended daily macronutrient profile (carbs, proteins & fats) each day of the week.  What gives?

After looking things over, I must admit that I have been left in a confused state.  And also a little nervous as well.

I need to build muscle & I need to do so in a relatively short period of time.  I have approximately 8 weeks left in this 90 day contest.  To have a realistic shot at winning, my Before/After photos have to be stunning.  The only way for me to accomplish this feat is to grow larger/more muscular while tightening up the core area a bit.

As fate would have it, I discovered a meal planner on a flash drive that I had forgotten about purchasing last year.  After reading over a few sections this morning, I am convinced that this is the plan for me.

So, starting this week, I will be following a slightly different approach to my meal plans.  I’m currently in the process of modifying my meal planning spreadsheets to accommodate the changes I will be instituting.  The changes aren’t major but should have a profound effect.

In a future post, I intend to share more specifics regarding meal timing/frequency, food combinations, etc.  For now, just be aware that I am going change things up a bit & will be posting on the results as time progresses.

The main point for everyone to take away from today’s post is the importance of measuring food portions & then recording food consumption in a food journal.

Yes, it is a pain to measure out food portions.  It takes more time than just “eyeballing” a portion & determining it to be the right size.  But the additional time is worth it.

Taking the time to record my food choices is also very important.  You would be surprised at how eye-opening it is if you would just track everything you eat for a week.

Here’s a good lesson:  When I first started tracking my food intake, I was shocked.  Even though I was aware of it, I didn’t “realize” that I was consuming around 15-20 Altoids per day at work.  That’s an additional 10-15 grams of sugar each day!  That is just one example of the kind of “hidden” calories that I was consuming each day.

As you can plainly see, it takes some effort on my part to measure & track my food intake.  But you know what, it is well worth it.

Now that I have an accurate record of what foods I have consumed over the last month, I have a better idea of where I can make some dietary improvements.  The changes I plan to institute, while somewhat minor, will make a HUGE impact on my future success.

**Today’s Change Affects Tomorrow’s Outcome**


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