Day 37 – 25 Reps? That’s All?

Today, I completed a modified version of Workout B, Phase 2 from Craig Ballantyne’s “15 Pounds of Muscle in 8 Weeks” program.

As I have stated in previous daily updates, I like to keep the “spirit” of a workout the same as the author intended, even if I substitute exercises or modify things a bit.

I kept the spirit of the workout true to its original format by focusing on the Lower Body.  I worked my Upper Body yesterday so it can use a break.

I modified the workout by doing only Barbell Front Squats:



and then following them up with Barbell Deadlifts:



I did 5 sets of 5 reps for each exercise.  25 total reps doesn’t sound like much.  Until you consider that I was working with what, for me, constitutes a heavy weight.

For Deadlifts, I used a weight that was nearly 1.5 times my bodyweight.  For the BB Front Squats, I actually set a new personal best.  Granted, the amount of weight I used may not be impressive to a seasoned veteran but for me it sure was a challenge.

For both exercises, the working weight I used today was 5 pounds more than last week.  That means for each set I lifted 25 more pounds.  Take that times 5 sets & I lifted 125 more pounds this week than last week.  For both lifts.  Measurable Progress!!  Next week I will add 5 more pounds to the bar.    

I also kept my rest periods at right around a minute just to ramp up the intensity a bit more.

I then finished off the workout with some core work & a 15 minute, slow & steady paced session on the gazelle.  I did this more as an active recovery than anything.  After a heavy leg training day, I like to keep the blood flowing in the legs.  I’ve found that this keeps my legs from feeling too sore.

While BB Front Squats & BB Deadlifts may not be the most “fun” things to do in the weight room, they are very important exercises.  Heavy, compound exercises are the core of any really good mass building workout.  Rows & Presses, along with Squats & Deadlifts are where the money’s at.  With so many different variations of each exercise, it really makes no sense not to incorporate them into your routine!

Of course, proper nutrition is key to gaining lean mass so get that in check as soon as possible.

Compound exercises, clean eating & proper rest are the key to transforming your body!

Today’s Workout Track Listing:

  • Disposable Heroes – Metallica
  • Murders in the Rue Morgue – Iron Maiden
  • Wango Tango – Ted Nugent
  • Schism – Tool
  • Freewill – Rush
  • Fire It Up – Black Label Society
  • If Only – Queens of the Stone Age
  • Harvester of Sorrow – Metallica
  • The Righteous & The Wicked – Red Hot Chili Peppers

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