Day 38 – Become Unstoppable by Refusing to Stop!

Today is an off day from the gym.  My lower back is a bit tender from yesterday’s deadlifting session so I will definitely get some yoga in this evening.

I also banged up a few fingers yesterday when I used them as the meat for a 35 lb. plate & 25 lb. plate sandwich.  Just didn’t move them fast enough & BAM!!


My fingers were swollen for a few hours before finally subsiding.  During that same time Over the past 24 hours, the bruising has grown/gotten more pronounced & turned purple/black.  Yesterday it was very painful trying to bend my pointer finger.  Thankfully I can actually bend it today with no pain & it isn’t as crooked as it is in the picture.

Keep in mind I did this as I was loading the bar up for deadlifts yesterday.  On my dominant hand.

Gripping the bar was going to be a painful experience.  Deadlifts are difficult enough without having grip issues & throbbing fingers.

So I was faced with a choice: Quit or Address the situation & continue.

What to do????

That’s when I remembered a saying that I keep in the forefront of my mind on a regular basis: Become unstoppable by refusing to stop.

Here’s what I did.

  • Got the bleeding to stop.
  • Put a bandage over the area that had been bleeding.
  • Applied a small ice/gel pack to the pointer finger & basically numbed it.

I then proceeded to do my first 5 rep set of deadlifts.  The grip was a little funky on my right hand due to the fingers but my form was good.

During my 1-2 minute rest period I numbed my finger again.  When the timer went off, I got myself mentally ready & did my next 5 rep set.

I repeated this for the next 3 sets of deadlifts.

Total – 4 “numbing” sessions

This doesn’t necessarily make me tough & I didn’t share this story to brag.  Rather, I shared it to illustrate a point.

When confronted with the option of accepting only having done a partial workout & quitting (I had already done my squats, so why not?) or dealing with a little discomfort to get closer to achieving my goal, I chose the temporary pain.

What do you do when you are confronted with a challenge?  Do you quit at the first sign of trouble?  Do you give it a try but after a few setbacks throw in the towel?

Or do you become unstoppable by refusing to stop?

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