Day 42 – Moving In The Proper Direction

Today is an off day from the weight room.  Upon completion of this post, I will get in some yoga & light cardio though.

It’s Sunday so that means weigh-in day!

My weekly weigh-in went fairly well this morning.  I’ve gained 3 pounds since last week.

The majority of those gains were clean as well.  This is great news as it conforms to my current goal of gaining mass.  The modifications that I made to my eating plan this week had a great deal to do with this.

I did, however, gain about 1/2-3/4 pound of fat in the last week as well.  That is not necessarily what I am after.  I do realize that when eating for mass gains (sometimes I eat dirty) there is a very good chance of gaining some fat.

**Yesterday’s food binge at the Chinese buffet constituted the majority of fat gain this week. Note to self: Don’t do this again for a long time.**

When I first began this contest, I had a plan in place to minimize the fat gains while maximizing the muscle gains during the first 8-9 weeks.  Then, with a few weeks left in the contest, I would then switch to a fat-burning based training style to really tighten up & drop a few pounds of fat.

That plan is still workable.  But time is becoming more of a factor with each passing day.  I have identified a few areas where I can be better.  They are as follows.

Diet:  I have a fantastic “clean gains” eating program that will work IF I stick to it & follow it!  So I will.  No more deviations when it comes to my eating plans.  This is a must!

Exercise:  I have a good workout program that will build muscle, IF I maintain my intensity & focus in the weight room.  So I will.  If something that is in the works comes through, my time in the weight room is going to get more productive.  Stay tuned for a possible exciting announcement regarding some potential weight room upgrades!

Support:  I have a great support group of friends & family that will help me stay motivated/offer me encouragement, IF I reach out for it.  So I will.  Social media, text messaging, etc. are ways that I communicate with the people who are following my efforts. When things get rough, I will make sure to let people know I could use a pat on the back & a kind word.  I will also return the favor when they reach out for a little bit of encouragement.

Getting these 3 areas in order will allow me to get back on track & see my plan to fruition.

With this in mind, I have 7 weeks to accomplish the following:

  • Gain at least 10-15 more pounds of muscle (I would love more but that is probably going to take more time than this contest will allow.)
  • Shed the bit of abdominal area fat that needs to go (right now it is only a few pounds)
  • Tighten my core area

There may be more action items pop up along the way that need attention but for right now these are my 3 main action items for the next 7 weeks.

Will I get there in 48 days?  I believe I will.  If I don’t it sure won’t be because a lack of effort.

But I also know that sometimes life has a way of messing with our plans.  In the last month I’ve dealt with illness, injury & a few other things that could’ve derailed my success.  Sure, these incidents temporarily hindered my progress but they didn’t stop me from moving forward.

That’s the key – To keep moving forward & in the proper direction!

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