Day 45 – Halfway Home

Today is an off-day from weight lifting.  I have some core work & yoga to do this evening however.

Today also marks the halfway point of the 90 day body transformation that I am currently participating in.  January 6th doesn’t seem like that long ago!  Yet here I am, 45 days later.

In the past 45 days, I have accomplished a few things on a personal level worth noting:

  • Gained nearly 7 pounds of lean body mass while minimizing fat gains
  • Hit personal bests in a vast majority of the lifts I’ve done
  • Regained discipline in the weight room & the kitchen (this is HUGE)
  • Created this blog
  • Assisted friends, family & co-workers in relation to meal plan & workout questions

There are probably a few more positive things that have come about due to this contest but for now these are the ones that really stand out.

With all of that being said, I do have a confession to make.

I’m nowhere near where I ultimately desire in terms of weight/body fat%, personal bests, assisting others, blogging, etc.

I’m definitely not as “cut” as I was back at the end of October:

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 9.12.17 PM

But it’s ok.  I’m currently in a mass building phase so I expected to gain a little bit of fat.  I can lose the fat in a few weeks so I’m not worried about it.



If I intend to win this contest, I have A LOT of work ahead of me.  Not just over the next 45 days, either.

Nope, this is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that I intend to carry forward.  Once this contest is over, I fully intend to continue doing the things that I’ve been doing thus far.

Honestly, the past 45 days have really been a re-introduction to healthy living more than anything.

I lost my edge back in November. For nearly 2 months I sloughed off.  I watched the efforts of the prior 6 months erode into a body I was not happy with.  So I joined this contest & here I am.  Not where I would like to be, but inching closer each day.

What do the next 45 days have in store for me?

If things go according to plan here’s what I envision for the next 45 days:

  • Gaining an additional 10-15 pounds (would like more but that may take longer) over the next 3-4 weeks
  • Using the final 2-3 contest weeks to incinerate the fat that is currently masking my lower abs
  • End my 90 day transformation period looking better than I did in the picture above
  • Placing in the top 3 in the Body Transformation category & winning some $$$!!!
  • Gain exposure online due to being a contest winner & using it as a springboard to a career in health/fitness

How will I do?  If the vision I see in my mind manifests itself & becomes my reality, the above list will come to fruition in a rather short time.  It will be AWESOME!!!

But what if I don’t?  I don’t plan on that happening but who knows??

If I miss the mark, I will be a bit disappointed.  But I WILL NOT QUIT!  Ever.

Why let a temporary defeat become permanent?

We all suffer setbacks in life.  But they aren’t necessarily the worst thing that can happen.  Besides, a setback might be what you need to get moving in the proper direction.

When I suffer a setback, I close my eyes & this is what I see:

A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback

“A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback”

In case you can’t read the writing in red, it says: “A Setback is a Setup for a Comeback”.

This was written by my grandma Golden at some point between Mother’s Day 1972 (when she got this particular Bible from my aunt as a gift) & December 2010 (when she passed away).  When Grandma died, the one thing I asked Grandpa was if I could have one of her Bibles.  Specifically, I asked for one in which she had taken a copious amount of notes.

My Grandma loved to write.  And she was one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known.  In lieu of her journal, her Bible notes would be the closest thing that I could ever hope to have that would allow me to peer into her mind.  I knew that within the pages of her favorite book I would find a treasure trove of wisdom & gain insights into her thoughts.

A priceless gift for sure.

I fully anticipate some setbacks along the way to achieving my goals.  But I also know what a setback really is – a setup for a comeback.

The reason I wanted to share this story is because I hope that when you are experiencing a rough patch, you’ll remember what my grandma wrote & it will pull you through.

You have no idea how many times I have cracked that Bible open & read that line.  Repeatedly.  Until I believed it.

45 days gone, 45 more to go…..

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