Day 53 – You Aren’t Going Anywhere….

Today, I completed Workout C, Phase 2, from Craig Ballantyne’s “15 Pounds of Muscle in 8 Weeks” program.  This is a great Upper Body workout!

As with all of the workouts that I have completed this week, today marks the last time I will be completing this particular workout for a while.  I am getting ready to transition to a new 4-5 week block of training this coming Monday.

The time to focus on fat burning & getting my abs tight/popping is rapidly approaching.  While I have been fairly clean with my food choices the last 7 weeks, I have gained a little bit of fat.  Eating excessive amounts of calories in an effort to gain mass has that effect on me.  Can’t expect to win the contest if I don’t look the part!

I still have yet to decide on which program I will use for the last part of this contest period.  I have a couple of Turbulence Training programs that I have looked at utilizing.  I have also entertained the idea of dusting off a Density Training program that my former personal trainer put together for me.

Rather than attempt to explain Density Training in this post, I will leave it up to my old coach, Roman, to give you the details.  He has a great article on his blog that you can read by clicking here.  It is definitely worth reading, especially if you are looking for a new training method.

So, I have a few days to look at things & then decide the path I will take.  One thing I do know is that regardless of the program I choose, it will include my favorite shoulder exercise, the Lumberjack Press:

I have written about this particular exercise a number of times in the past & for good reason: It works!  In the last 7 weeks, my shoulders measurement has increased by 1 1/2 inches.  Now this might not sound like much but believe me, the change is noticeable.

I attribute much of this growth to the Lumberjack Press.  I have performed this exercise at least once a week over the last 7 weeks.  And it is paying off!

Some would argue that I should switch the LJ Press out for another exercise.  Maybe that is good advice, for them.  But for now, the LJ Press will remain in the rotation.  I have no intention of cutting out an exercise that is working!

Along with Squats & Deadlifts, the LJ Press has become a staple of my training routine & will continue to be for a long time!

Today’s Workout Track Listing:

  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – Bruce Dickinson with Godspeed
  • Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor
  • Panama – Van Halen
  • Twist of Cain – Danzig
  • Points of Authority – Linkin Park
  • Flesh For Fantasy – Megaherz
  • Mouth For War – Pantera
  • Killing in the Name Of – Rage Against the Machine
  • Leider – Eisbrecher
  • One – Metallica


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