Day 54 – Functional Strength

Today is an off day from the weight room.  As with all off days from the weight room, I will work in some yoga this evening.

I did get in a bit of workout this evening when I arrived home, however.  After picking my son up from daycare, we had some snow shoveling to take care of.

Bailey did a good job helping out, especially for only being 10:


And my other son decided to help out as well:


It wasn’t too bad clearing off the sidewalks.  It was a little cold.  Galen stepped in some mud so that was fun cleaning off of his paws & from under his nails.  The snow was heavy due to the moisture content so moving it around was a little tougher.  But all-in-all it wasn’t a bad 20-30 minutes.

About halfway through the shoveling fun, I noticed that I really wasn’t feeling winded. Not only that, I noticed that I wasn’t getting sore or fatigued.  My legs felt fine despite the walking & squatting to scoop the snow.  My arms weren’t getting weak despite tossing/moving around a large amount of heavy, wet snow.  My back didn’t ache.  My shoulders felt fine as well.  Core wasn’t sore despite all the trunk rotations, etc.

Not bad for a guy who is less than 30 days away from turning 39.  (Oh crap!)

I believe that the weight training & yoga sessions over the last 53 days play a large role in me being able to push the snow with no problems.

Sure, I had to take a few breaks but I do the same thing in the gym when I am working out. The bottom line is that I had the strength & stamina to get the job done.

Weight lifting & yoga aren’t only about creating a hot body (although it is a BIG reason), they are also an integral part in being strong enough to carry out the tasks that life demands of you.

Functional Strength is how I refer to this beneficial aspect of weight training & yoga.

Increase your functional strength and the daily tasks become much easier.

Even something as simple as walking up a few flights of stairs without getting winded is an example of increased functional strength.  

What daily tasks do you encounter that leave you winded, sore or sapped of energy?  How much easier would those tasks be if you spent a little time in the weight room building up your Functional Strength?

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