Day 57 – Hey, I Remember You…

Today, I started a new 5-week block of training.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the last 8 weeks of training, it was time for something different.

Specifically, I was looking for something that was customized to my likes/dislikes.  The workouts needed to be challenging as well.  Plus, I have a bit of fat that needs to disappear from my lower abdominal area so that had to be taken into consideration.  I really needed something that would be muscle sparing & fat burning in nature.

I spent the better part of Saturday evening designing my next 5 week training block.  What I came up with will address my concerns above. As the weeks go by, I will be talking more about my workouts & why I structured them the way I did.

Unfortunately, I am pressed for time this evening so my post will be somewhat short.  But, I would like to share a little bit of information about tonight’s workout.

Tonight, I completed an Upper Body Density workout.  Not just any density workout.  Nope, the workout I completed tonight is a custom designed workout that my former personal trainer provided me with.  Specifically, this workout was my upper body workout each week for the 2nd month of my 6 month training program.

I liked the workout last summer & I liked it even better today.  Why is that?

I am much stronger now than I was then so the workout was more manageable.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still challenging this evening.  But I didn’t struggle as much to hit my marks.  I was able to keep up with the pace while keeping my rest periods honest.

I was able to use heavier weights this time out as well.  Compared to the last time I did this workout the numbers were much, much better!  In some instances I was lifting nearly twice the amount of weight this session versus the last time I did the same workout!

I would love to delve more into the specifics of this workout but I have to run.  Next week, I will share more details regarding exercise selection & workout structure.

Until then, if you haven’t had a chance yet, check out the article found at this link.  My former trainer does a much better job explaining Density Training than I could.  So, if you are curious as to what style of workout I did tonight, this article will give you a brief summary.


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