Day 62 – That’s More Like It

This morning, I completed a Full Body workout that I designed.  Thankfully this workout was better than a couple of the other ones I designed.  Thursday’s workout really wasn’t that great & left me feeling less than satisfied.

I started off with a few sets of Dumbbell Goblet Squats:

From there it was on to a series of Upper Body supersets.

First up was Alternating Dumbbell Bench Presses:



Paired with Wide Fly Push Ups:

I did a few sets of each exercise in a superset (back to back) fashion.  My chest definitely felt that!

From there I then moved onto the next superset which started off with Dumbbell Y-Presses:


(courtesy  *I tend to go wider with the dumbbells for a more pronounced Y shape

Paired with Pike Push Ups:



My shoulders were on FIRE after a few of these supersets!!

Last superset targeted the back.  First exercise on the agenda was the Underhand Grip Inverted Bodyweight Row With Feet on Bench:


(courtesy  **Come on dude, get your feet on a bench for an even more challenging exercise!**

Paired with Side to Side Overhand Grip Bodyweight Inverted Rows:

(Click here for a demonstration.)

I kept my rest periods relatively short (30-60 seconds) so that added a slight cardio component to the workout.

All in all, I really liked blending the weighted & body weight exercises.  I especially liked the inverted rows.  Talk about a versatile exercise that can really add some muscle!  At some point I am going to incorporate other variations of Inverted Rows into my workouts.

Variations such as:

One-Armed Inverted Rows:


and Towel Grip Inverted Rows:



There are many other variations out there that I will eventually get around to working with.  If you aren’t utilizing Body Weight Inverted Rows, why not start?

I’ll be back in the morning with a weigh-in update.  Have a great Saturday everyone!!

Today’s Workout Track Listing:

  • Stone The Crows – Down
  • Hush – Tool
  • Jimmy James – The Beastie Boys
  • Rotten Apple – Alice in Chains
  • Time to Rise – Pantera
  • Anger Rising – Jerry Cantrell
  • Follow the Tears – Heaven & Hell
  • Forty six & 2 – Tool

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