Day 63 – Crunch Time

Today is an off day from the weight room.  Since it’s Sunday, it’s also weigh-in day.

Today’s weigh-in was good from the standpoint that I was able to shed over 1/2 pound of fat this week.  I did not register much muscle growth this week so that was a bit disappointing.  This is the 3rd week in a row that I have had this happen.

I’m not complaining about the fat loss/reduction in Body Fat% one bit!  That being said, I would REALLY like to see my Lean Body Mass increase more than it has.

At this point, I expected to be about 5-10 pounds heavier than I currently am.  Sure, I have gained some muscle in the last 2 months but not as much as I had hoped for.  I’m entering the home stretch of this 90 day body transformation contest & I’m nowhere near having a “winning” physique.

I will admit that this has been a bit frustrating.  Not enough for me to quit but definitely enough for me to question the merits of my efforts.  Am I really getting out of this what I am putting into it?  Countless hours in the weight room, preparing healthy meals, creating workout logs & meal plans (not only for myself but friends & family), blogging & many other fitness related activities for what?  A little bit of muscle gain & a little fat loss??

But then again, a little bit of fat loss & a little bit of muscle gain isn’t all that bad.  I must be doing something right even if it doesn’t “feel” like it sometimes.

Maybe I’m getting ready to turn a corner & start experiencing explosive muscle growth?  Maybe the last 2 months have been priming the pump so to speak?  Maybe all of this effort has brought me exactly where I need to be before I can move on to the next stage of growth?  It’s possible.

The one thing I do know is if I give up, I will never know the answers to these questions.  That would be a shame.

In reality, I could be a few weeks away from experiencing a major breakthrough in my body transformation quest.  Maybe that next 5-10 pounds is there for the taking, if only I make a few adjustments to my diet & training?  Maybe I’m only a few blog posts away from catching the eye of someone who can help me advance as an author?  Maybe all those wonderful daydreams of being a self-employed, well-paid, fitness authority figure &/or model will come true if I just keep at this?  I don’t know but I sure plan on finding out.

So, if you are wavering in your devotion to your fitness goals (or any goal for that matter), take a minute to step back & look at the big picture.  Where were you before you started your quest?  How much better off are you now?  How much better will you be if you just keep on keeping on?

Success is really just a series of successive “failures”.  Each “failure” puts you one step closer to achieving the goal.  Eventually, you’ve failed your way forward to the point that success becomes inevitable.

Want to become successful faster?  Speed up your rate of failure.  You will learn what to do & more importantly, what NOT to do if you aren’t afraid to fail forward fast.

Speaking of “failures”, here’s an interesting set of facts you may not be aware of:



For a “failure”, he sure did pretty well.  So did these folks:



History is littered with a number of success stories that started out as failures.  But each one of these failures was really a success waiting to happen.  The one thing all of these failures had in common is this; they never stopped believing in themselves despite the evidence of being a “failure” was all around them.

That’s what it really boils down to – do you believe in yourself enough to keep going even when no one else does?

A favorite quote of mine is this: “Your persistence is the measure of faith you have in yourself.”

Think about that quote the next time you feel like giving up.  How much faith do you have in yourself to get the job done?  Is your faith sagging a bit?  If so, do what you must to restore that faith but don’t ever give up.

If it helps, please know that I’m pulling for you.  If you are reading this blog, I’m in your corner. I’m putting myself out there in the hopes that something I say will help you stay on course & find the courage to keep going when it gets tough.  If I believe in you, you can certainly do the same.

Hold on tight to your dreams!

2 thoughts on “Day 63 – Crunch Time

  1. failure is the key to success 🙂 keep tweaking your diet as well as your training routines, it can make a major difference, keep the body guessing.

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