Day 65 – Deja Vu?

Today, I completed Session B of the Beginner Program from Jason Ferruggia’s “Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0″ program.  This session was a Lower Body dominant routine.

Something about this session seemed very, very familiar.  Almost like I had done a session like this a few times before.  Oh wait, I have!  The training session I completed today was almost identical to the Lower Body session that I utilized for the majority of February.

I started off with 5 Sets/5 Reps per Set of Barbell Back Squats:

Next up was 4 Sets/5 Reps per Set of Deadlifts:

After that, I pounded out 3 Sets/8 reps per Set of Barbell Curls:

**Here’s a little tip when it comes to performing curls.  Squeeze the biceps as you are moving the weight up & then on the way down concentrate on “flexing” the triceps.**

The reason the rep counts were relative low is that I worked at the low-end of the prescribed rep range for each exercise.  This was intentional & in-line with the training notes that were provided with the program.

Don’t let the low rep counts fool you, this was a challenging session.  I was definitely worn out when it was over.  But it was a good kind of worn out.  I was worn out because I had pushed myself & had given an honest effort.

Sure, the weight loads I used may not have been “heavy” compared to what others may be able to lift & that’s ok.  I’m not competing against anyone else.  My aim in the weight room is to create the conditions necessary to stimulate muscle growth each lifting session.

To that end, I have established a goal that will ensure I create the proper anabolic environment in the weight room.

My goal for the next few weeks is to increase my rep count each set until I hit the maximum number of prescribed reps per set.  Once I hit that mark I will then add 5 pounds to my weight load & start the process over again.

At the end of 4 weeks, I will either complete another 4 week block of the beginner program or I will move on to the main program.  Regardless of what I decide, rest assured I will be working my tail off each lifting session!!!!

Today’s Training Session Track Listing:

  • Diary of a Madman – Ozzy Osbourne
  • Dead Embryonic Cells -Sepultura
  • Remedy – The Black Crowes
  • We Live No More – Black Label Society
  • It’s So Easy – Guns N Roses
  • Lifeless Dead – Mad Season
  • Revolution is My Name – Pantera
  • This is Now – Hatebreed
  • I Can’t Remember – Alice in Chains
  • No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age

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