Day 73 – Dreams Are What Life Is Made Of

Today is an off day from weight lifting.  I will be getting in some Tabata style cardio/ab work once I finish up this post though.

Since I don’t have much more in the way of fitness to discuss, I thought I would share the following quote:

“Dreams don’t have deadlines. If you don’t give up on them, they won’t give up on you.”

I’m not sure where I heard &/or read this quote but it has stuck with me for a long time.  It is a very simple quote yet very profound.

The next time you get down & begin to wonder if your dreams will ever come true, remember that quote.

Notice that the quote doesn’t say it will always be easy & that it will happen overnight.

You’re going to have to put forth some effort.  Sometimes the effort will feel as if it has been in vain.  The thing is, you never know what kind of ripple effect your current efforts will have on your future results.

I will confess that there have been a few instances over the last 73 days where I have questioned my participation in this body transformation contest.  Here are a few examples:

  • Recently, I have plateaued in relation to gaining muscle.  That is a bit disheartening considering the effort I am putting forth in & out of the weight room.
  • I’ve spent numerous hours blogging.  But, I currently serve a relatively small audience.  Are they even getting anything positive from my efforts?
  • The time I spend in the weight room & online takes away from time I could be spending with my family.  Is it worth it?

These are a few examples of some of the things I’ve tossed around in my mind over the last few months.  Despite the negativity that these thoughts can conjure up, I refuse to let them poison my mind.  I definitely refuse to quit on my dreams.

I have a #1 fitness goal that I keep private.  Very few people know what this goal is.  I am not ashamed to share this goal but I tend to keep this one close to the vest.  Realistically speaking, it is probably going to take me many more months (maybe even a few years) to see this goal become my reality.

Is that the most appealing prospect?  Nope.  Does the task seem daunting at times?  Yes!  Do I ever think maybe I’m crazy for chasing this dream??  Absolutely.  Would it be easier to just ignore the desire & go about things as if the goal didn’t exist.  You bet it would be.

Despite all of those points, there is NO WAY I will give up on this dream.  Not now.  Each day I take a step closer to seeing my dream become a reality.

That’s what I desire for you.  That each day you take a step closer to seeing your dreams become reality.  That you keep going, even when the world seems like it is out to get you.  That you become the person you see when you daydream.

You can do it, if you put your mind to it.  You are all you need.  Yes, you.


2 thoughts on “Day 73 – Dreams Are What Life Is Made Of

  1. I made that mistake once or twice too. I had a knee injury that haunted me for close to a year! So I practice the same caution that you do. Also once you start to feel something is a little off with your body it can quickly get into your head too. If your head is out of the game then it makes it that much harder to lift properly….it’s a vicious cycle. Every few months I walk away from a lift or a workout because of this but it’s smart, why get hurt and be out of the game for weeks or months if you dont have to?

    • You nailed it in regards to the mental aspect of the game. I could tell I was more worried about getting injured than I was in performing squats properly. It is tough racking the bar & walking away but sometimes you just have to do it!

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