Day 60 – Back Online!

This evening, I completed an Upper Body dominant workout that I designed over the weekend.

It wasn’t as bad of an experience as the Lower Body Density workout I completed on Tuesday.  But this workout left me feeling less than satisfied.  I will skip the details because I probably won’t be doing this particular workout again.

Sometimes you have to go back to the drawing board.  But, I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to do for the final 4 weeks of this contest period so it’s all good.

On another note, a friend recently asked me if I would be sharing more nutritional information via the blog. I haven’t touched on nutrition much over the past 2 months for a couple of reasons:

  • What I do is customized to me.  Custom from the foods I eat, when I eat them, what foods I pair together, calories ingested, etc.  I eat in a way to compliment my body type.  So what I do really is specific to me.
  • My meal plans reflect my current goal(s).  I am getting ready to switch over to more of a fat-burning focus at the beginning of next week.  My meal plans then will look different from how I am eating now.
  • Honestly, my meals are probably very “boring”.  I rotate protein sources most days, cycle higher glycemic carbs & watch what kind of fats I take in.  Basic, boring but effective.  Not the most exciting stuff to read about.

So, I have avoided making nutrition a big focus of my posts for those reasons.

But, I do have a lot of good “general” resources that I will begin sharing on a regular basis.

A quick tip when it comes to nutrition is this: The majority of the calories you eat should come from one-ingredient foods.

I eat a lot of brown eggs, leaner cuts of meat, “raw” nuts, fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes & oatmeal (NOT the flavored kind in the packets).

As far as “processed” foods go, I do have cheddar cheese every few days.  I also have some cottage cheese on occasion.  The protein powder I use doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or things of that nature.

So for the most part I am eating whole foods each day.

Oh, I also eat this stuff called bacon.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?


It’s my one regular indulgence.  And man do I enjoy it.

Sadly enough, when Monday morning rolls around, I will substitute the bacon with another egg or 2 & some chicken breast.  Honestly, I would rather not have to cut out the bacon.

But if I am to have a legitimate shot at placing in the top 3 of this 90-day body transformation contest, I only have 4 weeks to get the job done.  This means it is time to focus on getting my ab/core area tight again.  To do so will require dedication to my workouts & adhering to my meal plans.  EVERY DAY.

Once this 90-day contest period is over, I will reassess my physique & create a new set of fitness goals.  From there I will craft meal plans & workouts to get me there.

Sound nutrition is a key component to building the body of your dreams.  Daily, positive food choices that are in harmony with your fitness goals is vital to your success.

Day 59 – We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Today is an off-day from the weight room.  I am definitely going to devote some time this evening to an extended yoga session.  A special emphasis will be placed on my legs after yesterday’s workout!

Unfortunately, my ISP is having service issues so I am doing a quick update from my phone.

I have a post on nutrition I will be sharing once I have an internet connection.